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YardKites have brought the joy of Kites into our everyday life

Watching a kite fly has always been exciting for Zach, but it was never quick or easy. We live in an area with lots of trees, so we have to drive to a park and hope for enough wind. I'd usually end up running the kite back and forth to keep it in the air. The exercise was good, but Zach was unimpressed.

YardKites let you to put the stake in the ground, extend the pole and attach the kite, then wait for a breeze to carry it up!  Ours are set up most of the time, only taking them down on windy days.


YardKite with Spectrum Bird


If there's no breeze, I was able to provide visual stim for Zach who was watching from a safe distance. (Kids don't try this at home!) Adults with proper safety gear such as protective eyewear might attempt at their own risk.


Attaching some cheap PVC pipe to a fence post near the garden creates a sleeve for the pole, enabling the kite to scare away pests and keeps the kite extra high to allow gardening. Our cats had discovered the new raised bed gardens and thought they were litter boxes, but now stay far away from our new veggie garden!

  • I placed my 4 meter YardKite into a 5' piece of 1" white pvc pipe (about $5 for 10' from Home Depot) that I tie wrapped to a fence post. For an internal stop, I slid into the 1" pipe a 4' piece of 3/4" pvc pipe.  This allowed my 4m Yardkite pole to drop in about a foot, which kept the kite about 7' off the ground at its lowest point.

The blackhawk kite (42"x22") is smaller than the Spectrum Bird kite (68"x40") and casts just the right shadow on the ground to scare away the rabbits. Unfortunately, our neighborhood deer are too street smart and could care less about our silly kites.




YardKite with Spectrum Bird

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