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Blizzard in a Box
Blizzard in a Box
Blizzard in a Box
Blizzard in a Box
Blizzard in a Box
Blizzard in a Box
Blizzard in a Box

Blizzard in a Box

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Make Gallons of Fluffy Snow in Seconds

The original fake snow polymer!

Snow is a seasonal phenomenon, but it can’t be relocated inside for study and play, and – in some areas of the country – it won’t appear at all. So, when snow (and fun) is on the mind, let the kids devour hours of fun with one of these Steve Spangler Science Insta-Snow Powder Kits – delivering realistic, fluffy snow that can be dried out to reuse countless times. With just the addition of water, the liquid/insta-snow powder mix turns into a solid within seconds—no mixing required. A true wonder and learning asset for a multitude of settings and playtimes.

Insta-Snow isn’t just a cool demonstration, educators have found great use in sensory tables for early childhood and chemistry for advanced sciences!

No matter what quantity of Insta-Snow you choose, you’ll get all of the materials you need including mixing instructions and the scientific explanation. You’re getting a “WOW” factor with a ton of scientific application. Recommended for children ages 4 and up with adult supervision.

What does it teach?

Explore the ever-changing science of polymers as students experiment with Instant Snow. Each Insta-Snow product comes with an activity guide with suggestions for science fair projects and fun ways to explore the science of polymers. Within seconds, the liquid/powder mixture turns into a solid and then erupts into a fluffy, white snow-like material (no mixing required). Watch in amazement as it instantly expands up to 100 times its original volume.

What’s Included? 

Insta-Snow® Powder 1.41 oz (40 g)
Water Gel™ 0.35 oz (10g)
1.5″, 2,”, 3″ Plastic Snowball Molds
Plastic Hat, eyes, and nose
Stacking Tube and Block Mold
Portion Cups: 3 – 2 oz, 1 7 oz
Water Jelly Crystals 0.35 oz (10 g)
Blue Measuring Scoop
Instruction Cards

Recommended ages 4+.
Adult supervision required.
Do not ingest.

  • Create a colorful blizzard of snow in moments
  • Build your own indoor snowman!
  • Make snow in seconds!
  • 9 experiments are included in this kit

NOTE: The Insta-Snow can be reused if taken care of properly. You don’t want to store it in an air tight container when the snow is wet. Let it air dry completely and when the “snow” feels coarse again, you are good to store it away in an air tight container or zipper-lock bag. We also recommend washing your hands before playing with the snow to avoid germs and bacteria getting into the snow.