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Hot Air Balloon Twist Kite

Hot Air Balloon Twist Kite

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Bring any corner of your world to life with our spinning Hot Air Balloons. Brilliant colors and a rainbow twist can be hung anywhere for a magical effect. Great for decorating the lawn, your patio or any place that needs a little cheering up. Each is weather proof and crafted with fade-resistant ripstop polyester and fiberglass frames.

The fascination created by rotating movement of our Hot Air Balloons will mesmerize you.

Ripstop-Polyester, tear-resistant and specially coated for brilliant colors

-Weatherproof material

-Recommended for wind speeds up to 25 km/h (15 mph)


  • Balloon basket and panels
  • Swivel

 Width: 28 cm / 11" Height: 104 cm / 41"

 Important: For best results oil swivel