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Disposable Filtering Face Masks - Pack of 5

Disposable Filtering Face Masks - Pack of 5

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KN95 masks feature protection level similar to N95 against airborne particulate such as viruses.

Pair with our Hat Shields or Bandana over-masks for maximum protection!

These are NOT the N95 masks that are in short supply with US Healthcare providers.
These KN95 provide similar protection but are not officially approved for US Healthcare environments, making these masks a good option for families without taking away supply from our healthcare professionals.

Foldable masks with soft and stretchy ear loops and adjustable nose clip.  Do not get wet as fine particulate filtration may be compromised. Follow guidelines at CDC.gov for current recommendations regarding use and limited reuse of disposable masks. Wash hands before using and store safely to protect when not in use. 

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