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Rummikub in Retro Tin Edition (includes Denim Tile Bag)
Rummikub in Retro Tin Edition (includes Denim Tile Bag)
Rummikub in Retro Tin Edition (includes Denim Tile Bag)
Rummikub in Retro Tin Edition (includes Denim Tile Bag)
Rummikub in Retro Tin Edition (includes Denim Tile Bag)

Rummikub in Retro Tin Edition (includes Denim Tile Bag)

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With more than 50 million units sold, Rummikub is one of the world’s best-selling and most-played games. It has all the elements that make a great game. It’s easy to learn and fast moving. The “board” changes all the time as players adjust the tiles on the table. It combines luck and strategy and it changes quickly so every player has a chance to win until the very end. Players take turns placing numbered tiles in runs (consecutive numbers of the same color, like 2, 3, 4 in red) and groups (three or more of the same number in different colors, like a red 9, a blue 9 and a black 9), rummy style. The Joker tiles add to the fun; they can be any color or number. The object is to be the first to play every tile on your rack.

Rummikub is ideal for people of different ages to play together, and it’s great for a game night too. When kids play, it reinforces STEM and STEAM concepts such as sequencing, pattern recognition and planning skills. It’s got lots of exciting moments, but it’s also designed to bring people together, with plenty of opportunities for talking, chatting, and sharing with family and friends. For 2 or more players, ages 8 and up.

Game Contents:

  • 160 tiles (3 sets of tiles numbered 1-13 in 4 colors; 4 jokers)
  • 6 tile racks
  • Complete Instructions



Q: What is the initial play?

A: The initial play (also called initial meld) is the first time you place your sets of groups and runs on the table.  The first time you play, the value of the tiles from your sets must add up to a minimum of 30 points. If the value of your tiles do not add up to 30 you cannot play until you are able to.  This is the ONLY  time you must equal at least 30 points during the game.

Q: I have the value of tiles to make my initial play.  Do I have to use them?

A: No.  You can wait as long as you want to make your initial play, but you must draw from the pool on your turn until you play.

Q: How many tiles do you need to create a set?

A: You must have at least three tiles of the same number — each one in a different color or three tiles with consecutive numbers in the same color.  These are called groups and runs.

Group example (7-77) or (7–777)

Run example (123) or (1234)

Q: If I have four or more in a set can I use them to make new sets?

A: Yes, You can split sets of groups and runs on the table and use them along with tiles from your rack to make other sets as long as three tiles remain in the groups and runs that you borrowed from.  You can only do this  after you have made your initial play.

Q: Can I take the tiles from the table and keep them for later?

A: No.  You cannot take tiles from the table and keep them in your hand or on your rack.  Like the Joker you must use them on the same turn.

Q: I have four tiles to make a group or run.  Do I have to play all of them?

A: No.  Sometimes it is useful to hold back the fourth tile of a group or run and lay only three, so that on the next turn you can lay a tile instead of drawing from the pool.

Q: Do you record a score after each players turn?

A: No, scoring is done at the end of the round using only the tiles remaining on your rack. Players who lost total the tiles on their rack and total it as a minus (negative) amount.  The winner adds all the tiles from all the players and receives that number as a positive (plus) amount.

Watch out! Keeping a Joker on your rack is a good strategy; however if you risk being caught with it on your rack when someone yells “Rummikub” you will earn a penalty of 30 points.

Q: When is the end of the round?

A: When a player yells “Rummikub” after all their tiles from their rack have been placed on the table.

Q: Is Rummikub pronounced Rummicube or Rummicub?

A: We have heard it pronounced both ways and it just depends on where you are from.  Here at Pressman Toys, we pronounce it like Rummicube.



Q: Does the color of the Joker matter?

A: No. Any Joker can be used to complete any set.  The color of the Joker tile does not matter when being used. (a Joker is like a wild card in poker, it represents any number or color)

Q: Can I play more than one Joker?

A: Yes.  Two Jokers can be played at the same time in a single set.

Q: Can I take a Joker from the table and use it in my initial play?

A: No. You cannot take a Joker from an existing set until the initial meld has been completed.

Q: Can I replace the Joker with a tile that is already on the table?

A:  Yes.  The most up to date rules distributed by Pressman sate that the tile can come from the table or from a player’s rack.

Q: If I have taken a Joker from the table can I keep it for later?

A: No. Once the Joker is taken, it must be used on the same turn and used with at least one tile from your rack to make a set.