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Slimeball Flinger 5 pack
Slimeball Flinger 5 pack

Slimeball Flinger 5 pack

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With the Slimeball Flinger 5 Pack, kids can launch Slimeballs over 30 feet! Slimeball Flingers have a built-in launch mechanism making the Slimeball fun and easy to shoot. Use the Flinger or shoot right from your fingertips. Slimeballs won’t leave any marks. The Slimeball line brings you tons of active slime fun with no mess. Get ready to get slimed! Includes one Flinger and five Slimeballs. Ages 6+.

• Flinger balls shoot over 30 feet!
• Soft and safe Slimeballs for launching and flinging
• Built-in launch mechanism
• Active slime fun with no mess
• Easy to take anywhere
• Comes with one Flinger and five Slimeball Flingers
• Can be used separately or with any other Slimeball product.
• Ages 6+